Drilling & tapping machine
(Speed changing could be done while running)


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Product Features

  1. The special design of the Forward/Reverse switch handle makes tapping operation easily and freely. The 100% control of the forward/reverse rotation is specialized for the high hardness steel.
  2. All the drill sleeves and tap fixtures are rapid-adaptor, the most convenient for replacement.
  3. With safety torsion fixture, the torsion force of each fixture are adjusted to match what they need to protect taps from being broken while operating.
  4. The speed rates of this machine are changeable while operating, and the satety of gears are ensured.
  5. The most suitable for machinery parts, fittings, press modules, other modules and work-pieces.


Model 930A
Drill Capacity 1/4"~1-1/4" 
Tapping Capacity 3/8"~1-1/8" 
Power 220V
HP 2
R.P.M. 756 456
303 186
127 51
Feeding Stroke 100mm
Body Stroke 150mm
Distance of Spindle End to Base Plate 1000mm
Distance of Spindle End to Table Top 710mm
Diameter of Column 102mm
Diameter of Table 420mm
Base Working Area 600x360
Table Stroke 560mm
Height 1560mm
Torsion Fixture Standard Fitting 7
Drill Sleeve Standard Fitting 3
Fittings Weight 8kgs
Machine Weight 167kgs
* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.
* 3-Phase 380V, 415V, 440V, Are Available of Requirements of Customers.

Optional Accessories

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Revolveable Cutters Table
Model Measurement Weight
DT-300 400x300x215 mm 12kgs
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Electromagnetic Base Applied to Drilling Tapping Machine
Model Power (as) Measurement Weight
TC-32 220V 300x200x90 mm 23.5kgs
* The unit has magnet reversal device.