Portable electromagnetic automatic drill & tapping machine


Portable electromagnetic automatic drill & tapping machine - MTM-300
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Product Features

  1. With circuit protection of breaking for motor, once any wire of three phases power source is broken off, this unit could cut off current to motor to prevent motor from being burn out.
  2. Drill sleeves、tapping adaptors and borer holder are all with rapid adaptors, very convenient for replacement of cutters.
  3. Tapping adaptors with torsion control, tap bits are protected from being twisted off.
  4. MTM-300 comes with drilling force control unit for Auto-feeding:
    When drill bit is worn out, this unit will drive feeding intermittently or stop feeding. Once feeding becomes difficult while marking a hole, please replace a new drill bit or re-sharpen the worn out one in order to protect both drilling tool and machine body from being damaged.


Model MTM-300
Drill Capacity 1/8"~1"
Tapping Capacity 3/8"~7/8"
Power 220V
HP 1-1/4
R.P.M. 705 405
100 58
Feeding Stroke 100mm
Body Stroke 100mm
Turning Degree 180°
Transversal Move 15mm
Magnetic 200x112x78mm
Magnetic Force 1500kgs
Height 500mm
Torsion Fixture Standard Fitting 6
Drill Sleeve Standard Fitting 3
Fittings Weight 8
Machine Weight 41kgs
* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.
* 3-Phase 380V、415V、440V Are Availiable for Requirements of Customers.

Optional Accessories

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Broach Holder
Borer hole To suited model Hole capacity Weight
19mm MTM-300 14~30mm 1kgs

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Coolant Tank Set
Model Weight
DT-90 0.5kgs