Portable electromagnetic automatic drill & cutting machine


Portable electromagnetic automatic drill & cutting machine - AE-30DL
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Product Features

  1. Device of cutting force control :
    While cutting on high hardness or problem material of steel, or deep hole drilling results in difficult scrap discharging, cutter would probably be damaged. In such cases, this device would temporarily stop feeding until resistance is reduced or scrap is gradually discharged, cutter could regain feeding again till this hole is perforated. This device could protect cutter from being broken or damaged in such cases.
  2. Protective function of device of cutting force control :
    After perforating, even auto-feeding motion is lasting to the end of stroke (operator forgets to lock fixing bolt), under the function of this device both gang gear tube and machine body won't be damaged.
  3. Rapid adaptor design :
    Drill sleeves, borer holder and tapper set are all rapid adaptor design, convenient for replacement of cutters and increasing efficiency.
  4. Coolant tank :
    It is integrated with machine body, more stable. This could reduce damage resulting from out going impact.
  5. The most suitable for drilling or tapping on heavy work-pieces that is difficult to be moved, such as production of machine tools, steel skeleton of building, H type steel, big steel plate and steam furnace..etc.


Model AE-30DL
Power(AC) 110V
Motor Rated Output 1350W
Motor Rated Ampere 12A
R.P.M. 380
Drill Capacity 1/8"~1-1/8"
Feeding Stroke 100mm
Hole Capacity 5/8"~2"
Body Stroke 100mm
Turning Degree 180°
Transversal Move 15mm
Magnetic 200x112x78mm
Magnetic Force 1500kgs
Height 500mm
Machine Weight 36kgs
* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.