Portable Electromagnetic Drilling Machine


Portable electromagnetic drill & tapping machine - FM-35A
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Product Features

  1. The machine body is with height adjustment. It’s suitable for both long and short annular cutters as well as general chuck which is for holding drill with straight handle.
  2. The body height adjustment enables the machine to use different length of the annular cutters. If the height of the working space is without limit, using long type annular cutter is smoother for removing metal chips from the cutter.
  3. The general chuck is applicable for holding drill which is with straight handle for drilling smaller holes (from 2-13 mm).
  4. The machine body can be lowered to 197mm to get in the small space of the object for drilling work.
  5. The angle of the drilling handle is adjustable, so the operator can choose suitable handle angle for drilling.
  6. The rotating disk can be used for adjusting drilling position, the ranges are front/rear 16mm and left/right 50mm.
  7. The cutter lifting tube is with tooth row design which is stronger and more durable than the old slide plate type.


Model FM-35A
Power (AC) 110V-120V  50/60 Hz
220V-240V  50/60 Hz
Motor Rated Output 110V-120V  1010W
220V-240V  1010W
Motor Rated Ampere 110V-120V  9.2A
220V-240V  4.6A
No Load Speed 720min-1
Hole -cutting Capacity 14 to 35mm
Drill Capacity 2 to 13mm
Feeding Stroke 62mm
Body Stroke 80mm
Turning Degree 50mm
Transversal 16mm
Magnet Dimensions 81mm(W)×190mm(L)
Magnet Holding Power 800kgf
Mini. Thickness of metal plate for suction 6mm
Weight 12kgs
Lowest height 197mm
Standard Fitting Chuck of drill: 13mm* 1 set
Pilot Pin 35L* 1 piece
Pilot Pin 50L*1 piece
Coolant tank set*1 set
Allen key 6mm*1 piece
3mm* 1 piece
* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.