Battery hoisting magnetic pack


Battery hoisting magnetic pack - LMU-15
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Product Features

  1. Suitable for general steel materials, steel plate, mold tool etc.
  2. With battery power for attraction, and with an alarm device to notice whether power connection to let you feel at ease on application.
  3. The magnetic base is cost in silicon steel makes the bottom being move wearable and also attains the best hoisting capacity.
  4. With stand-by battery set, conveniently to the replacement while needing re-charge.


Model LMU-8 LMU-15 LMU-30 LMU-50
Hositing Capacity (kg) 800 1500 3000 5000
Attractive Area (mm) 200x300 270x320 270x450 410x650
Power DC (V) 12v 12AH 12v 35AH 12v 35AH 12v 100AH x 2pcs
Hour for Application 8-10 12-15 12-15 12-15
Weight (kg) 67 120 180 535
Discharge Hour 5-7 10-15 10-15 10-15
Accessories Stand-by battery 1pcs
Battery charger(standerd) 1pc
Battery charger 1pcs
* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.