Portable magnetic drill table


Portable magnetic drill table - FM-10S
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Product Features

  1. Rotary working table design, 6-face contact for slide, stable operation, & powerful mangnetic force.
  2. Suitable for uneasy moving workpieces, such as: heavy duty machine processing, steam boiler making, machine tool making, steel frame & steel plate drilling for big building.


  1. The magnetic force of the magnet is in proportion to the thickness of articles (iron plate) being attracted.
    The thicker iron plate, the stronger magnetic force: the thinner iron plate, the weaker magnetic force.


Model FM-10S
Drilling Dia 2-25mm
Power 110V / 220V
Max. Depth 220mm
Turning Degree 330°
Transversal Move 20mm
Electro magnetic 100x225mm
Max. Electro magnetic Force 2100kgs
Height 530mm
N.W. 28kg
G.W. 31kg
Measurement 580 x 375 x 275 mm
* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.