Portable electromagnetic automatic cutting machine


Portable electromagnetic automatic cutting machine - FM-50D
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Product Features

  1. This automatic machine is especially used for annular cutting.
  2. The cutting capacity is from 16mm-52mm.
  3. The up/down transmission of the tool bit is by the round shaft gear rack, so the cutting holes won’t skew to one side. The processing quality is very good and the machine body is stable and durable too.
  4. Coolant tank :
    It is integrated with machine body, more stable. This could reduce damage resulting from out going impact.
  5. Auto step-feeding device :
    While using FM-50D for perforating, this device could discharge scrap step by step automatically.
  6. Comes with drilling force control unit for Auto-feeding :
    When drill bit is worn out, this unit will drive feeding intermittently or stop feeding. Once feeding becomes difficult while making a hole, please replace a new drill bit or re-sharpen the worn out one in order to protect both drilling tool and machine body from being damaged.
  7. It’s suitable for cutting holes on the objects which is difficulty in moving, like heavy machine, steam boiler and the building reinforcing beams.


Model FM-50D
Power(AC) 110V
Motor Rated Output 1350W
Motor Rated Ampere 12A
R.P.M. 380
Feeding Stroke 82mm
Hole Capacity 5/8"~2"
Magnetic 200x112mm
Magnetic Force 1500kgs
Height 490mm
Machine Weight 32kgs
Dear user:

If the slide plate of your existing machine is getting loose easily to cause the drilled hole skewed to one side without vertical, and the machine body is not durable either, please consider to use this machine to solve all the problems for you.

* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.