Electromagnetic table automatic drilling & tapping machine
(Speed changing could be done while running)


Electromagnetic table automatic drilling & tapping machine - 932HDL
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Product Features

  1. All the drill sleeves and tap fixtures are rapid-adaptor, the most convenient for replacement.
  2. Tapping adaptors with torsion control, tap bits are protected from being twisted off.
  3. 932HDL Working table is an electronic magnet, it can attract and release work-piece quickly
  4. 932HDL comes with drilling force control unit for Auto-feeding:
    When drill bit is worn out, this unit will drive feeding intermittently or stop feeding.
    Once feeding becomes difficult while making a hole, please replace a new drill bit or re-sharpen the worn out one in order to protect both drilling tool and machine body from being damaged.
  5. 932HDL comes with three intermittent breaking rates for breaking chips:
    Choose different feeding rates according to different drill bits and material to perform Auto-feeding operation.
    This device can break chips intermittently and discharge them while Auto feeding is processing, so that chips would not roll on drill bit. Easier to discharge chips.
  6. 932HDL comes with three feeding rates for Auto-feeding:
    Feeding rates are separately 0, 0.15 and 0.25, please choose suitable rate according to size of drill bit and material of work-piece for drilling.


Model 932HDL
Drill Capacity 1/4"~1 1/4"
Tapping Capacity 3/8"~1 1/8" 
Power 220V
HP 2
R.P.M. 756 456
303 186
127 51
Feeding Stroke 100mm
Body Stroke 150mm
Distance Of Spindle End to Base Plate 1000mm
Distance Of Spindle End to Table Top 630mm
Diameter Of Column 102mm
Diameter Of Table 400mm
Base Working Area 600x360mm
Table Stroke 480mm
Height 1590mm
Torsion Fixture Standard Fitting 7
Drill Sleeve Standard Fitting 3
Fittings Weight 8kgs
Machine Weight 215kgs
* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.
* 3-Phase 380V, 415V, 440V, Are Available of Requirements of Customers.

Optional Accessories

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Revolveable Cutters Table
Model Measurement Weight
DT-300 400x300x215 mm 12kgs