Electromagnetic table drilling & tapping machine
(With pevolveable locating device)


Electromagnetic table drilling & tapping machine - C-250H
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Product Features

  1. Working table is an electronic magnet, it can attract and release work-piece quickly.
  2. With revolveable locating device, more precision and faster for replacement of cutters working at the same hole.
  3. Could be installed with revolveable cutters table for fast replacement of cutters.
  4. With Withdraw free and withdraw end function for tapping.
    Depends on different needs of different work-pieces, users could choose one for working.
  5. Drill sleeves、tapping adaptors and borer holder are all with rapid adaptor, very convenient for replacement of cutters.
  6. Tapping adaptors with torsion control, tap bits are protected from being twisted off.
  7. With circuit protection of breaking for motor, once any wire of three phases power source is broken off, this unit could cut off current to motor to prevent motor from being burn out.
  8. With Voltage indicator, users could know power condition any time.


Model C-250H
Drill Capacity 1/8"~1" 
Tapping Capacity 3/8"~7/8" 
Power 220V
HP 1-1/4
R.P.M. 705 405
100 58
Feeding Stroke 100mm
Body Stroke 100mm
Distance Of Spindle End to Base Plate 725mm
Distance Of Spindle End to Table Top 450mm
Diameter Of Column 80mm
Diameter Of Table 330mm
Base Working Area 440x300mm
Table Stroke 380mm
Height 1075mm
Torsion Fixture Standard Fitting 6
Drill Sleeve Standard Fitting 3
Fittings Weight 8kgs
Machine Weight 109kgs
* These specifications and shape may be changed for improvement without prior notice.
* 3-Phase 380V, 415V, 440V, Are Available of Requirements of Customers.

Optional Accessories

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Revolveable Cutters Table
Model Measurement Weight
DT-300 400x300x215 mm 12kgs